This was my first attempt at a Start Wars kit, and I have to say, it was a lot of fun.

The kit went together very well and hardly any filler was used. In fact, the main parts ie the cockpit and fins were practically snap-together and could have been built without any glue at all.


It was always going to be tough to get a definition with so much black in the cockpit but the walls, instrument panels, and pilot were base coated in black and given a light grey drybrush. Details were picked out in Vallejo silver and Humbrol gloss red and then finally given a unifying coat of Tamiya X22.

I’m pretty pleased with the final result even if most of it ended up being hidden.


Fins, panels, wings, call them what you want (don’t hate on me Star Wars fans), but these took the most time, mostly thanks to the copious amounts of masking required. Everything was given a matt black base coat, and then the solar panels were masked off and the superstructure sprayed with Vallejo dark grey. The superstructure was then given a final dry brush to pick out the finer details.

The next stage was to remove the masking tape – luckily this only took a fraction of the time it took to put it on and the fins were given a light drybrush with Vallejo chrome to add interest.

Finally, a clear coat was applied and a pin wash of Tamiya panel liner was added and cleaned up. I think the end result is pretty good!


Once the body was assembled, I masked the clear areas and sprayed the same Vallejo dark grey as the solar panels. Small details like the lasers (?) were picked out and a protective clear coat of Tamiya X-22 was applied over the whole thing. Finally, another pin wash using panel liner was applied and cleaned up using white spirit.


This was ridiculously easy – the fit was so good I just had to use a few dabs of Tamiya Extra Thin to keep things in place and then add the stand.

Overall Impression

I really enjoyed this kit. It was cheap easy to build, the instructions were clear and easy to follow and the fit was excellent. Overall, a great starter kit and one that I’m proud to display on the shelf.

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